Mix & Match Canna Hemp Pain Relief Cream + Honest Hemp Co CBD Freeze $30 each when you buy three or more

Finding the Right Product for You!

Pain Relief Creams/Salves
    Intended for people with
        Muscle Pains and Aches
        Small Joint Pains Due to Arthritis Tendentious
        Back Pain, Knee, Elbow and Leg Pain
        Neck Pain/Strain and Certain Headaches
        Pulled Muscles
        Helps with Uncomfortable
        dry skin
        CBD FREEZE 
        Instant relief comes from such a strong and concentrated array of muscle healing components. This is great for before and after work.
        Better for those with more serious alignments, back pain, joint pain
        Great relief after a serious injury. This is not medical advice*
        Strong relief with more oils and extracts to help with uncomfortable pain as well as itchy and dry skin.
        Great for daily use.
        Can be better for those with constant uncomfortable pain who just want to get the edge off.
        Great for pain relief after working out or lots of muscle contact. Susan's CBD is focused on muscle recovery after bruising and is made with all natural products including Powderful 600 MG of CBD  Direct Isolate and Arnic, know to help with bruised muscles recovery.
        Relieve all the soreness from your tattoo while keeping your tattoo moisturized.
        Whether you are running a little sore and need a quick application or don't want to use direct hand contact to apply a lotion or cream, CBD salve is a great and effective application tool. It also has Arnica to aid in muscle recovery due to bruising. 
        Massage Oil CBD and Lotions.
        CBD Lotions are great for daily application, it eases the tension in your hands all while keeping you moisturized and smelling great.
        We Sell Scented and Non-Scented
          Scented Lotions for daily use from Canna Hemp carry lavishing aromas to make your hands smell great.
        Others can give off a warming soothing and morning time or night time lathering These are better for daily application on wide muscle areas, sore feet, knee or joint pain. These lotions are made for wider areas of your body.
        For Face and Body we recommend

        Canna Hemp Free and Clear Lotion
        All natural, non-scented, great for dry skin, acne, all parts of the face and body.
        Susan's Face and Body Lotion
        Only the most natural ingredients along with Susan's CBD to relax your whole body
        Canna Hemp Scented Lotions
        All Perfect for daily hand and body moisturizers. Recommend for customer service/ride share drivers.
             Apothecanna Circulating Leg and Foot Creme
        Amazing and Plentiful for those with mild joint and muscle stiffness
        Bath and Soak CBD
        Use our delicious lavender and Himalayan sea salt bath fizz to soak your feet or treat yourself to a full bath soak.  15 mg of Hemp CBD per tablespoon, allowing you to use as much as you need to wash away your aches and pains.*  16 oz jar contains 750 mg of CBD.  Wonderful for pedicure treatments or a relaxing bath – find your relief today!
          Great for
                     -Soothing Muscle and Joint pain   -Manicures, pedicures
        Susan's Bath Bombs For Relaxation
        Real Time Relief(Specialty Bath Bomb Works for all serious alignments.
        *These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease