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Relax - Its Just CBD

cbd vs thc

It's just CBD - Cannabidiol(Can-A-Be-Dial) is found in Hemp and Marijauana

Marijuana is bred for its THC Content while Hemp is bred for its CBD content as well as lack of THC.

CBD is a Cannabinoid found in the HEMP plant

(non-psychoactive cousin of Marijuana)

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Why CBD?

What makes CBD so special is that is it the only product other then moms breast milk that can specifically activate the CB2 receptors. These receptors  are found throughout the body and when CBD attaches itself to these receptors it regulate inflammation. Is CBD is all natural, CBD has many uses but most popular among them are the topical CBDs to help relieve pain and inflammation CBD Topicals may also help with dry and itchy skin as well as acne. Apollo Hemp looks only to carry the best sourced and most natural hemp products which will in turn be the most effective for relieving pain.* Not all hemp products are the same and the source matters!

Which Form of CBD works best for you


Topical/Salves and Massage Oils

CBD that is applied to the skin gets absorbed into the skin and creates for a faster and more targeted pain relief. CBD topicals link to CBD receptors in the skin called CB2. What makes CBD so special is that is it product that can specifically activate these receptors. These receptors  are found throughout the body and when CBD attaches itself to these receptors it regulate inflammation, which is the main cause of pain and discomfort in muscles, joints and bones.


Bath products are great for everyone although we do not sell or recommend the use of any CBD products for those under the age of 18
They are great for relaxing, being put to sleep as well as exfoliating and cleansing. Most CBD bath bombs come filled with many other products making it the most complete relaxing bath bomb.


These are great for all around relaxation and is the a very effective way dose yourself with CBD internally. This is recommend for insomnia, headaches,


Smoking products are not available through Apollo Hemp. Getting over the fact that it is smoking is an unhealthy habit, it is a direct and quick way to absorb CBD.
Because vapes are less expensive, it is easier to experiment with what mixture of cannabis terpenes and the levels/mixtures you would want.
Be-aware that many vapes are cheap and don't work well.
We recommend our friends at Honest Hemp Co(HonestHempCo.com)
for vapes which are reliable, safe and effective.


Edibles are great for relaxing as well as controlling dosage. Plus who doesn't like to eat. They are not recommend to relieve or target physical pain but can help relieve general discomfort. They can help relieve the pain for certain type of headaches however they are generally not recommend for migraines.
They are great for those who have anxiety or want to stay calm and relaxed

CBD Isolates

CBD isolate is strong and effective
CBD isolate is peer CBD and has no traces of any other cannabnoids.
Many non-psycho active cannabinoids found in the hemp plant get lost so where CBD Full Spectrum(the most common form of CBD OIL) would help, CBD isolate may work differently then CBD Full Sepctrum. It is still a great and very direct way to use CBD. CBD Isolate Topical


Cannabis Terpenes - Natural Aromatic oils produced by the Cannabis plant to protect itself from predators as well as to entice pollinatorsm, these terpenes develop differently based on the plants environment in which is its breed and grown. This is another reason as to why all CBD products are not the same and why where they are sourced matters. Also this is why there are different variations  of the same product that can serve slightly different purposes.
Cannabinoids - Depending on the bred and growing conditions a marijuana or hemp plant are grown there are around 66 of that 430+ natural components that are classified as a cannabinoids that are components that combine to your CBD or Cannabinoid receptor.
Cannabidoil - CBD or Cannabidoil is the most prevalent cannabinoid in cannabis hemp sativa and extracted cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It has many benefits that are still being studied today. CBD is and non-addictive and non-psychoactive.