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The difference between Marijuanna and Hemp

The Cannabis Plant has been bred for many years for various uses, one which includes its different content levels of cannabinoids.

Marijuana is a plant that is bred for its THC content. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid that people use to smoke for fun. It is a shorter, fluffier more flowery

plant. Its flowery core makes it easy to distinguish from hemp plants

Hemp is a plant that is bred for its CBD content and is legally required to have just less then .03% THC before being classified as Hemp. Hemp plants are long and wood plants. Its stalky and leafy branches whose stalk is used for its fiber and wood core.  

Hemp Sativa is a long stalky plant which has a coarse interior fiber with a stalky exterior woody shell for its industrial use. Depending on the distance from where Hemp seed plants are grown from each other as well as in other factors, varies the use of the plant by varying its texture. 





Are Marijuana and hemp so similar that my products could end up being sourced from marijuana and not hemp?

All products are lab tested. Marijuana and hemp have a distinct look to them due to them being bred over many years. The content in them is very distinct. Our products only come from trusted sources. There are brands out there who have chosen poorly in their sources and we at Apollo Hemp see its most important to choose our brands wisely and we do not carry any products unsafe, misleading or untested. For those retailers who have decided to do otherwise and even those whose brands who have been caught selling poorly made products. even they will find it near impossible to make the mistake of using THC marijuana products as intended for CBD hemp products.

Is Hemp Illegal how?

Hemp is made Legal by the Hemp Farming Bill Act along with States Like the State of Nevada excising their rights to allow the sell of CBD products.
States have control over the use and distribution of the CBD products.

In Nevada, however offering CBD massages in the place of a small business is illegal as the Governor has requested more testing be done on the effects of the product for such a service before deciding whether to legalize it, move forward with CBD legislator, or otherwise.


Hemp is made Legal in all 50 states by the Farm Hemp Bill Act 2018*-PENDING