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THCA Flower Hood Candy 3.5g

THCA Flower Hood Candy 3.5g

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Hood Candy High THCa Hemp Flower is a very small batch incredibly rare strain that you will surely want to show off to all your friends. This balanced hybrid is a super potent type 1 hemp flower that is grown in a very small room with the absolute best equipment dedicated to small batch rare strains.

This exotic strain has the perfect cure! It was slowly cured in a climate controlled room at 58 degrees and 60% relative humidity for several weeks!

Genetics by SoleFire Gardens: Runtz X Why U Gelly
Delta 9 THC – .1%
THCa – 20.2%
CBGa – .8%
CBCa – .6%
Total Cannabinoids – 22%
Total Terpene’s – 2.4%

Very dense small to medium size buds.

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