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THCA Flower Kush Mint Cookies 7g

THCA Flower Kush Mint Cookies 7g

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Kush Mint Cookies High THCa Hemp Flower aka Mint Cookies has improved greatly since our first batch! This new batch is shining in trichomes! Kush Mint Cookies is an indoor grown, hybrid, type 1 hemp flower that will deliver you wonderfully euphoric and relaxing effects. You will love our latest harvest of Kush Mint Cookies!

Please check out the lab reports for the specific details on the cannabinoid profile. Below is an at a glance of the reports as well as additional details.

Kush Mint Cookies Specifics:
Genetics – Kush Mints X Animal Cookies 

Delta 9 THC – LOQ
THCa – 20.7%
THCVa – .1%
CBGa – .8%
CBCa – .5%
Total Cannabinoids – 22.4%

Effects: Euphoric and Relaxing
Smell: Savory, Sweet, Floral
Taste: Same as smell

Small to Medium sized buds that are dense in structure.

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