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Ooze Tanker Charger Red

Ooze Tanker Charger Red

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Standard batteries leave carts exposed and out in the open; the Tanker’s thermal chamber creates a forcefield around the glass or ceramic cartridge. This protects it from the occasional drop or fall, and ensures its safety when put away in a purse, pocket, or bag.

Click the button 5x to turn it on and off. Cycle through the 4 flex temp voltage options by clicking the button 3x. We recommend using the lowest voltage level for oil cartridges. If no vapor is produced, increase the voltage one level at a time until you find your sweet spot. To clear any clogs in the cartridge’s airway, click the button twice to activate Prep Mode that will run for 15 seconds.

The Tanker’s thermal chamber improves the airflow of your cart in addition to keeping it safe. This is ideal for cartridges with a super thick consistency. Instead of having to run multiple cycles in a row to heat it up and get the juices flowing, the thermal chamber speeds up the process by providing a steady, constant temperature inside that helps to warm up the contents, rather than leaving the cart in the open air. If you’ve ever tried to hit your pen outside in the winter when it’s super cold, you’ll probably recall that it takes a bit more work to get things working properly. This is when the thermal chamber will improve function the most, under normal, warm conditions you may not notice too much of a difference.

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